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Transform Your Maxi Yacht with Deckfab Synthetic Teak

Elevate the appearance and functionality of your Maxi with our premium Deckfab synthetic teak decks.. Our skilled installers can provide your vessel with a striking new look that endures.

Why Choose Synthetic Teak?

Authentic Appearance: Experience the timeless charm of genuine teak without the maintenance.

Exceptional Durability: Engineered to withstand demanding marine environments, ensuring enduring elegance and performance.

Low Maintenance: Simple to clean and upkeep, granting you more time to relish your boat.

Our Services

Professional Installation: Our expert installers guarantee a seamless fit and finish for your Maxi yacht.

Tailored Solutions: We cater to your specific requirements and preferences, delivering customized services.

Contact us today for a quote and to locate your nearest installer. Enhance your Maxi Yacht with our premium synthetic teak and relish a beautiful, long-lasting deck


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  • Maxi 1000 pvc synthetic teak deck
  • Maxi 35 pvc synthetic teak deck