Collection: Quicksilver EVA foam boat deck panels

Quicksilver powerboat Deckfab foam synthetic teak decks which are CNC machined from templates in traditional, weathered or aged colours. 

It is non-slip, wet or dry and :
cost effective
stain resistant
simple to keep clean
superb insulation qualities
cool to walk on 
Foam synthetic teak is an excellent choice of decking material in warm climates because it remains cool and comfortable to walk on and looks great. However it is not as durable as other choices so should be considered for lighter use applications. We would also draw attention that there are many foam decks on the market that  bear no resemblence to quality EVA foam that will disentegrate over short periods of time

2 products
  • Quicksilver 605 cruiser powerboat foam synthetic teak deck
  • Quicksilver 605 bowrider powerboat foam synthetic teak deck