Beautiful Marine Floors Deck Warranty

This warranty covers Beautiful Marine Floor Ltd Decks made in UK and will start from the date of purchase.
Beautiful Marine Floors warrants the Products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal application, installation, use, storage, transportation, handling and service conditions. If the Products fail to conform to this warranty, we will either repair or replace the Product.
Our 5 year warranty includes, UV degradation, splitting, welding
materials and stabilisers.
Beautiful Marine Floors will only warrant the use of the supplied adhesive under the separate warranty terms of the adhesive manufacturers.

The Limited Warranty described above excludes any of the following conditions:
1. Improper application.
2. Damage from abuse, alteration, incorrect installation or improper repair.
3. Improper storage, handling, packaging or transportation.
4. Damage from accidents and external stress, such as falling items.
5. Damage from environmental pollution such as acid rain.
6. Damage from use of non-compatible products with unapproved components,
i.e. Acetone.
7. Damage from extreme natural conditions or fire.
8. Damage that is the result of normal wear and tear, aging or continuous use.
9. If the decks are partly covered which results in an uneven shading due to
Warranty claims will be investigated and laboratory tests will be undertaken if
deemed necessary.