PVC Synthetic Teak Deck Panels from Beautiful Marine Floors

PVC synthetic teak and professionally welded decks

Traditional, Weathered and Aged with Black or Cream Caulking  


We introduce you to our very own Deckfab system, an exceptional decking solution that guarantees quality control. The system is made of 100% Virgin PVC, ensuring ultimate quality. With our unique heat and backweld system, we produce the strongest panels through expert fabrication techniques.

Our sample medium-grade sanded panels may be sanded fine after installation if the customer prefers. We assure you that they tend to smoothen with wear and can be conveniently resanded at any time. Our Deckfab system is backed by a 6-year warranty, which is detailed in the attached document.

At our company, we care more about our panels' functionality and quality than the raw materials' component. Hence, we can offer a warranty for our finished panels, providing you with peace of mind.

Traditional Colour - popular with powerboats


Weathered colour - popular with sailboat cockpits and side decks

Aged colour - popular with ribs

White caulking is also available


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