Rubber synthetic teak

Only the best deck makers are authorised to use our deck panel systems to ensure the deck products consistency.  Rubber synthetic teak materials in conjunction with the Deckfab system of fabricating decks will transform the appearance of your boat deck. Rubber synthetic teak is made to templates and despatched in kit form ready to lay on board the boat by certified fitters. 



Benefits of Rubber Synthetic Teak

With over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of synthetic teak decks, our experts have formulated a unique solution that caters to all your decking needs. It is non-slip, wet or dry; offers low maintenance and looks like new teak season after season. Rubber synthetic flooring for boats is:
cost effective
stain resistant
simple to keep clean
superb insulation qualities
cool to walk on
We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals located across the globe, who are always ready to assist you with the design, manufacturing, and installation of your synthetic deck. We value our customers and are devoted to providing high-quality products and services that meet their specific needs.Don’t wait any longer to transform your boat into a stunning decked area with Deckfab


If the panels fit within the confines of a 1m x 3 metre sheet then CNC can router small panel shapes ready to caulk. Logos and intricate shapes are also possible. 

DIY deck kits

Rubber synthetic teak is durable and aesthetically pleasing. The system is very similiar to our PVC synthetic teak system selling in rolls of twinplank, edging and kingplank. However, unlike PVC decking which is principally designed to be built in panels the DIY rubber system can be constructed as a DIY kit directly on board or in panels. The sections can be adhered directly to the boat with appropriate 5mm caulking gap. 

1) Kingplank is a versatile section 4 metres long and 150 mm wide that can be used for curves, kingplank or even routered to produce a twin plank section. Roll is 0.6 sq m area

2) Twinplank is 105mm wide with a routered groove down the centreline for caulking and can be used to make small panels quickly. Sold on a roll with 9×2.2 metre long strips contained providing a 2sq m coverage

3) Edging. 50mm wide on a roll containing 5 x 4 metre long strips providing 1 sq m coverage. The edging can be used in conjunction with twinplank to make margined panels or panels in its own right or swept decks.

4) Sheet which is dispatched on a roll. The width is 1m and length 3 or 2.2 metres so each sheet is has 3 or 2.2 sq metres respectively. The sheet may be plain or grooved ready for caulking (45mm between caulking grooves)

Rubber synthetic teak  boat decking for DIY fitting

Durability and Guarantees

We guarantee that our original decks will remain beautiful and durable for years to come, with many of our decks still looking stunning after years of use. Our products are backed by an exceptional 6-year guarantee against material defects, which is further complemented by the additional guarantees for deck panel integrity offered by our distributors

At Deckfab, we take pride in using only the best materials and manufacturing techniques. 



Rubber synthetic decking system from Deckfab offers significant advantages over rival products in the market.



Rubber synthetic teak requires minimal maintenance to retain its excellent appearance. With its durable composition, it eliminates the need for regular expensive cleaning making it a an obvious choice. A simple rinse or a jet wash is enough for a deep clean that restores the decking to its new-like finish. Stains caused by common spills like oil, fuel, red wine, and fish blood can usually be removed with soap and water, providing you with a hassle-free cleaning experience. Should there be damage or severe staining in local areas it is easy to repair local areas.